The Tissot PRX Get the Bucherer BLUE Touch replica watch

Since its introduction in mid-2022, the Tissot PRX has become something of a phenomenon for the brand. Riding the high-end luxury sports watch vibe with integrated bracelet, but with a much more accessible price tag despite its great execution, the collection replica watches quickly expanded to now feature classic steel models, editions in steel and gold, a trendy green. dial and now a bold chronograph version. Today, a limited edition is launched, in collaboration with the largest watch retailer in the world, as part of the so-called Bucherer BLUE theme. And yes, if this Tissot PRX Powermatic 80 Bucherer BLUE sounds familiar to you, it is also more relevant in terms of price than the blue-gold edition offered by the brand itself.

Being the number one selling watch, Bucherer has enough power to have its own collection of collaboration watches, all revolving around the same theme of blue. The latest watch to surface from this collection is accessible, and very successful too. It is indeed based on Tissot's current hit, the PRX. Inspired by a watch from the late 1970s, it is above all the fact that it is an accessible reworking of the classic codes of the sport-chic watch with integrated strap that has aroused such enthusiasm. Luxury sports watches are in vogue, but far from affordable – and not just because they are much more expensive, but also because of the current shortage. Tissot has thus responded to demand with a fairly well-executed watch, at a fair price.

Now, looking at the Tissot PRX Powermatic 80 Bucherer BLUE, it might look familiar… It indeed sits on the same combination of blue dial and gold bezel as the model already offered by Tissot here. The latter, however, features a fluted solid 18k gold bezel and a flat sunbrushed dial. And now sells for 2,095 euros while the classic steel edition only required 695 euros. What Bucherer has done is bring the same attractive color/material combination, but at a much more accessible price.The PRX Bucherer BLUE is based patek philippe replica on the same housing as all other Powermatic 80 models, i.e. a central stainless steel container 40 mm in diameter, 10.8 mm in height and approximately 44 mm in diameter. ear to ear. It's topped by a flat sapphire crystal, has a see-through back, offers a comfortable 100m water resistance, and the case is pretty well finished, with alternating brushed surfaces and polished accents. What changes from Tissot's blue gold model is that the Bucherer BLUE edition has a smooth PVD yellow gold plated bezel, not solid gold – just like the silver dial edition that Tissot has in its collection. .